About Joss Alexander

‘Sometimes I muse and rave,’ wrote Michel de Montaigne, a French scholar and writer some 450 years ago, ‘and walking up and down I endite and enregister these my humours, these my conceits.’

I like to think old Michel and I have a lot in common, especially the musing and raving bit, although my study is so miniscule I can’t do much other than sit and write in it. Michel wrote ‘essais’, which meant ‘assaying’, or putting things (and particularly himself) to the test. Or does it mean being prepared to make an ass of oneself?

Being a little more cowardly, I work more on the basis of ‘try everything once except incest and folk dancing’. One thing I have always done, though, is write. I’ve been writing since I was 5, was first published at 7 in a national newspaper, and have been writing and publishing ever since. My first novel, Tainted Innocence, was published by Carina Press in September 2012. It is set, incidentally, in Tudor Cambridge in 1524, seven years before Michel was born.

Michel explores ‘This humane peregrination’. He wrote on books, relationships, education, death, violence, sexuality, culture and exotic places—much the same topics as I will cover in Random Jossings.

Michel would have loved blogging. Although a recluse, he was never a shrinking violet. He declared ‘I am myself the matter of my book.’

You have been warned…


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